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Born: 18-09-1995                                  Deceased: 22-03-2011

Tatoonr:TN 3905
HD- ( nbw 40 )
Owner: F. Driessen

Ayla and Kiljan are the parents of Sylke, Ásti, Byr, Bjarki, Fenja, Kay and Olli.

The father.. Kiljan:

Kiljan is also a real icelandic dog in his behaviour and is very fond of kids.
Even strangers are welcomed with loud barking and a fast moving tail showing that no harm is ment.
His light brown coat is very thick and soft.
At the homepage, on the right below, you see the pups as a group.
Ofcourse,...the pups are adult dogs now and you can see some pictures of them in the slideshow.

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